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Avatar: The Last Airbender (50 icons)

So, beckyh2112 wanted some Watersibs icons, and asked me to make her a few!

Fifty icons later . . .

Lots of Sokka and lots of Katara and a little bit of Yue, and also including Sukka, Sokkue, Sokkazula, Kataang, and Zutara, plus a special guest cameo by that incorrigible rascal JET.

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Credit required, comments appreciated. <3
the glow [couple_of_jerks]

Avatar: The Last Airbender (20 icons)

. . . um. So, weirdlet requested a Jet or Song icon based on a Billy Joel lyric from me! Flattering, right? :D Of course it's flattering!

Flattering enough for me to get carried away and make twenty icons of Jet, Song, and Jet/Song in one sitting?

NOT REALLY, but I did anyway. XD

Comment/credit, you know the drill!

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the glow [couple_of_jerks]

Avatar: The Last Airbender (83 icons)

My God but Nanowrimo is a productive time for me.

In fandom. >>;;;;

So! Iconpost! It’s been a while since I did one of these, and then I realized how darn many Avatar icons I’ve made lately and decided to correct that oversight. These were made over the course of several months in the process of relearning Photoshop, so some are a lot nicer than others.

Also it’s. It’s a lot of icons. Ahahahahahaohgodthere’s83. DX THEY’RE JUST SO MUCH FUN TO MAKE, DAMMIT. Zuko, Jet, Song, Jetko, Maiko, Soko, Jet/Song, and a handful of random others.

Comment and credit, please and thank you! <3

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the glow [couple_of_jerks]

"Her smile is turning upside-down- she's got a boyfriend now."

Entry the third, the assorted group- since no one, I feel, wants ten different icon posts flooding their f-list and not even breaking ten per entry.

Generation X: [6]
DC Comics: [7]
CLAMP: [3]
The Fantastic Four: [4]
Digimon: [3]
The OC: [3]
Fruits Basket: [6]
Degrassi: [2]
Random comics/games: [4]
Boy-kissing: [3]
Total: [41]

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